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Welcome to Fat Meir's kitchen


Fat Meir's kitchen is voluntary project, providing hot meals for children in need. The kitchen is located in Bat Yam, and is supported by several organizations, some publicity, mostly anonymously.


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Every day, the Kitchen delivers hundreds of sandwiches to schools, feeding children who "forgot" to bring some food from home, and serves hot lunches to children who arrive at the kitchen. The kitchen also provides them with the opportunity and facilities to prepare their homework and play with their friends




In order to help raise the funds needed for its operation, the kitchen holds cooking classes, open to the public, conducted by the best chefs in Israel.


Every such class helps to provide more food for the children, give Bar Mitzva or Bat Mitzva parties for families who can't afford the cost, buy more kitchen appliances and more recreational resources for the children.


We invite you to join us in order to help the children.



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This site was constructed with the help of the Zimand family, in loving memory of the late Anda Zimand

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